Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 427

MR No. 337—Excerpts from E. G. White Messages Found in the Newly Discovered Collection

I prize her society and no other one can fill her place to us. She is a dear, precious child to me. Her worth cannot be estimated by its weight in gold. She is my twin sister indeed in Christ.—Letter 44, 1874, p. 3. (To “Dear Husband,” July 17, 1874.)

We must see you without fail. Now do not delay coming. God has united you with us and so do not be induced to go contrary to His providence.—Letter 70, 1874, p. 1. (To Sister Lucinda Hall, October 8, 1874).

We want you to come at once if possible. We want to care for you while you are poorly. We shall have the best girl that we can find to do our work and shall have a small family. Rosetta [Lucinda's sister] will stay here some weeks and longer if it is your judgment. We wish to see you and consult with you, but we don't want you to do a stroke of work but just be a lady for once in your life....

We know what you sacrificed—and with what cheerfulness—for the truth's sake. God is acquainted with every sacrifice you have made, and you will certainly be a sharer in the eternal reward to the true faithful workers. If we get any reward you will most surely....

My precious Lucinda, you are dearer to me than any earthly sister I have living. May the blessing of God and His peace abide upon you is my most

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