Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 437

I had no opportunity to bid him [Elder Andrews] goodbye and I did not care to say goodbye. We may never, never meet again.—Letter 51, 1874. (To “Dear Husband,” September 10, 1874.)

The news which reached us last night was sad indeed to us all.... I knew that God would sustain you under your great loss.... God knew what was best for her [J. N. Andrews's daughter, Mary] and for you.... You are not a stranger to Jesus and His love....

The Lord loves you, my dear brother. He loves you.... A better day is coming, precious to the faithful ones.... I was shown you with head bowed down and mourning as you followed Mary to her last home in this world.

Then I saw the Lord look lovingly upon you. I saw the Life-giver come and your wife and children come forth from their graves clothed with immortal splendor. Look at the things which are unseen.... May God bless and encourage your heart, is my prayer. Your sympathizing sister, (signed) Ellen G. White.—Letter 71, 1878. (To J. N. Andrews, December 5, 1878.)

Brother Andrews was His [God's] ambassador.—Manuscript 8, 1867. (“Testimony Concerning Brethren McPherson and Cramer,” circa 1867.)

From what God has shown me from time to time, Brother Andrews was His chosen servant, to do a work others could not do.—Letter 13, 1871. (To “My Dear Husband,” September 2, 1871.)

Released August 8, 1973.

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