Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 454

MR No. 346—Organization

There were some of our people who did not send their children to [the newly opened Bible school in Melbourne] school; they were waiting to see if it would prove a success. I was reminded of those who pursued the same course away back in our early experience in the matter of organization. After the Lord had revealed His will and given light in reference to the matter, there were some, yes, quite a large number, who did not give their support in this advance step. They kept entirely silent. A very few sustained my husband, and we fought the battle over and over again, obtaining a decided victory in every conflict. 5MR 454.1

Some who did not oppose, said that before taking their position, they would wait to see the working out of the enterprise. Some placed themselves in a position of questioning and criticizing, and others of noncommittal. The Lord did not honor their unbelief. In refusing to move forward until they knew for a certainty that the undertaking would succeed, they placed themselves where their influence hindered the work. These lost a precious blessing. They did not discern and follow closely the opening providence of God. They did not heed the command, “Go forward.”—Letter 46, 1892. (To O. A. Olsen, December 13, 1892.) 5MR 454.2

[Note: The manuscript from which the following extract is taken deals with abuses which came about as responsible men at the Review and Herald dealt unjustly with authors.] 5MR 454.3

Brethren, what was it that led some of our number to question the benefit of organization? The matter has been opened before me, and the reason 5MR 454.4

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