Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 455

was that they feared to see so much power vested in unsanctified hands. It was a foreboding that just such a condition as has come about would exist. We may well fear a direful reaction. There must be a decided change. Men must be converted, or as long as they hold power they will use it to oppress their brethren. If not converted, they must be removed.—Manuscript 11, 1895. (“Publishing Houses,” April 10, 1895.)

We may claim to be Seventh-day Adventists, and yet fail of realizing how exalted is the standard to which we must attain in order to deserve this name. Some have felt ashamed of being known as Seventh-day Adventists. Those who are ashamed of this name should never connect with those who feel it an honor to bear this name. And those who are Christ's witnesses, standing where the truths of the Bible have placed them, are worthy of the name they bear.—Letter 6, 1903. (To Dr. E. R. Caro, January 4, 1902.)

Again and again I have been shown that the past experiences of God's people are not to be counted as dead facts. We are not to treat the record of these experiences as we would treat a last-year's almanac.—Letter 238, 1903. (To Elder A. G. Daniells, November 1, 1903.)

Released October 31, 1973.

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