Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 67

MR No. 275—Working with Parliaments

This is God's world, and wicked men are simply permitted to be in it. This earth was deeded to Abraham and his children, and we will come into possession of it before long. We must not feel that we will receive any help from those around us, but we must be where we can help them. 5MR 67.1

When you begin to work with parliaments, that sets the devil to work, and if he cannot make the work hard for us, who can? Do not let your work be known any more than necessary. Let the truth work. Our best course is not to get up an exemption. God has given light that the least said about these things the better. The devil and all his hosts are working to destroy God's law, and when you begin to work on those lines he will stir up men to believe that we do not regard their laws, nor obey their decrees. 5MR 67.2

We are not to reveal all our purposes and plans to men. Satan is working in an underhanded way, and he will continue so to work. He will not work openly and above board. His power is to work upon human minds to make a start, to set a powerful movement on foot before the people's minds are prepared for it. 5MR 67.3

Question: Can we not get the truth before the minds of the members of parliament in a quiet way, and by furnishing them reading? 5MR 67.4

From the light that has been given me, we should fear that these men and rulers will take their position against the work and then they will act like the devil; but every advantage should be taken to get acquainted with these men; not in a way to produce anything like prejudice. We must appear to them as trying to help others, working on the line of the Christian help work. As 5MR 67.5

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