Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 92

I speak because I know what I am talking about. For more than forty years I have stood in the desk proclaiming salvation to sinners, and my heart has yearned over them. God has opened before me the glory of heaven, and I have obtained a sight of the majesty and glory of my Redeemer. I have obtained a sight of the angels in glory. I was very young when the physicians said, “You must die, you cannot live more than three months.” It was then that God gave me a sight of His glory, and said, “Go proclaim the message I give you, to the people.” I started out in my weakness. I could hardly stand. I had not spoken aloud for weeks, but when I stood before the people, God's power came upon me. Voice was given me and I talked from two to three hours with clearness. But when I had finished, my voice again was gone. I traveled for three months in this way and then the pain of the lungs ceased, and ever since I have been doing the work which the Master has given me to do. I have traveled and labored, and God has given me strength to continue unto this day.—Manuscript 6a, 1886, p. 11. (Sermon, “Preparation for the Judgment,” June 27, 1886.)

I spoke in the sanitarium chapel yesterday [March 24, 1906] and related some of our experiences in connection with the beginning of our work. I spoke of my conversion, and of how I traveled for months, unable to speak except in a low, husky voice....

The Lord worked with us wherever we went. His glory was in every meeting. I was so blessed, and God worked so wondrously by His Holy Spirit, that I had not the least excuse to doubt that the Lord had chosen me, young as I was, to communicate to others the light given me. The opposition that

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