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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 5, Page 669

of which they have no knowledge; if they carry their opposition so far as to oppose that in which they have had no experience, ... the church may know that they are not right.” [Testimonies for the Church 1:328 (1862).]

Some of our brethren had had long experience in the truth and for years had been acquainted with me and my work. They had proved the truthfulness of the Testimonies and had asserted their belief in them. They had felt the powerful influence of the Spirit of God resting upon them to witness to their truthfulness. I was shown that if such, when reproved through the Testimonies, should rise up against them and work secretly to lessen their influence, they should be faithfully dealt with; for their course would endanger those who were lacking in experience. [Testimonies for the Church 1:382.]

The first number of the Testimonies ever published contains a warning against the injudicious use of the light which is thus given to God's people. [Testimonies for the Church 1:119.] I stated that some had taken an unwise course; when they had talked their faith to unbelievers, and the proof had been asked for, they had read from my writings instead of going to the Bible for proof. It was shown me that this course was inconsistent and would prejudice unbelievers against the truth. The Testimonies can have no weight with those who know nothing of their spirit. They should not be referred to in such cases.

Other warnings concerning the use of the Testimonies have been given from time to time, as follows:

“Some of the preachers are far behind. They profess to believe the testimony borne, and some do harm by making them an iron rule for those who have had no experience in reference to them, but they fail to carry them out themselves. They have had repeated testimonies which they have utterly disregarded. The course of such is not consistent.” [Testimonies for the Church 1:369 (1863).]

“I saw that many have taken advantage of what God has shown in regard to the sins and wrongs of others. They have

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