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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 5, Page 7

turned into a glorious victory the tide which threatened defeat.

As the writing of this volume was being brought to a close, a crisis threatened in the United States in the form of a proposed national sunday law. In this connection there was brought before Mrs. White the views of the impending conflict and the issues which the church must meet as apostate Protestantism unites with Catholicism to enforce oppressive measures. The pathetic lethargy of those who understood the issues was clearly portrayed, and there was a call to action.

In volume 5 there is a greater diversity of subjects than in any other of the nine volumes of the Testimonies. This was the last of the group of Testimony volumes to contain “personal testimonies” addressed to various individuals. A period of eleven years was to elapse before the issuance of Volume 6 of Testimony writings.

This volume is of great value to the church today because of the practical nature of its timely warnings and counsels. Stressed all through it are solemn statements pointing out the nearness of the end and the preparation which is needed in the light of the impending conflict. Ministers are called to deeper consecration. Executives are admonished. Physicians are counseled. Teachers are warned against adopting worldly principles and are encouraged to guide their students into soul-winning services. Colporteur evangelists are urged to higher standards of qualification. Parents are given instruction regarding home life and child training. Those with so-called new light, but with a message contrary to the fundamentals of doctrine, are reproved. The rank and file of the people are called to a revival and reformation.

The instruction and warnings of this volume exerted a steadying, sobering influence upon Seventh-day Adventists as they were launching out into greater lines of endeavor. They exert the same influence today.

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