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Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6), Page 11

Chapter 1—Loma Linda, “Hill Beautiful”

To Ellen White the stopover on May 4, in 1905, in Los Angeles was all too short. She was with the party of workers traveling east to Washington, D.C., to attend the 1905 General Conference session. During the past several months her mind had been repeatedly called to the Redlands-Riverside-San Bernardino area, some sixty miles east of Los Angeles, as a place where the church should have a sanitarium—it would be the third such institution in southern California.

“I hope,” she wrote to Elder E. S. Ballenger on February 26, 1905, “when you see a suitable place in Redlands, which could be used as a sanitarium, offered for sale at a reasonable price, you will let us know about it. We shall need a sanitarium in Redlands. Unless we start an enterprise of this kind, others will.”—Letter 83, 1905.

Three days later she wrote: “In closing, I would ask you not to forget that sometime a sanitarium will be needed in Redlands.”—Letter 89, 1905. Six weeks later she wrote to Elder J. A. Burden, manager of the Glendale Sanitarium: “Redlands and Riverside have been presented to me as places that should be worked.... Please consider the advisability of establishing a sanitarium in the vicinity of these towns.”—Letter 115, 1905.

Elder Burden reports that at about this time, in the course of a conversation at Elmshaven, Ellen White told the president of the Southern California Conference and one of his committee members that there was a “Sanitarium waiting near Riverside and Redlands,” and she thought it was nearer Redlands. She told them they could find it if they wanted to (DF 8, J. A. Burden, “The Location and

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