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Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6), Page 165

Chapter 13—Through the Year 1908

Much of the year 1908 Ellen White spent at her Elmshaven home engaged in her book work, involved in entertaining and interviews, concerned with the finding of a new location for Healdsburg College, and maintaining a heavy correspondence. At times she broke away to attend California camp meetings and to visit the three sanitariums in the south. Some involvements carried over many months, climaxing in 1909 or 1910. 6BIO 165.1

At the Elmshaven home, as the new year dawned, the Metcalfe Hare family, just in from Australia, were being entertained. Brother Hare had been connected with the development of the Avondale school and later with the manufacturing of health foods. 6BIO 165.2

In early February, she mentioned that “Brother Metcalfe Hare and Elder Haskell and his wife have for a few days been members of my family.”—Letter 50, 1908. 6BIO 165.3

In late March she wrote of another visitor: “Brother Sutherland [of the Madison School] is with us, and will remain for some days.”—Letter 92, 1908. 6BIO 165.4

The little cottage to the east, between the house and the barn, was the temporary residence of a longstanding friend who with her daughter-in-law and grandchildren had been given refuge. The husband and father of the family, a physician, had abandoned them. At Ellen White's invitation they had come some months earlier. “There was no other place to which they could go,” she wrote, “and we made them as comfortable as we could. They remained with us over a year, and we supplied their needs.”Letter 146, 1908. 6BIO 165.5

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