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Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6), Page 253

It is the Early Writings that I would defend and as long as I believe they teach the view I take, and there are many others that believe the same, and if Sister White does not give any explanation in harmony with Prescott's idea to defend the testimonies for the sake of others I shall defend them. Must I be made to believe the testimonies teach a certain thing, contrary to my own judgment and the reading of the writings, when Sister White herself does not so explain it?

Thus, with not a few the discussion took on a major significance—namely, the integrity of the testimonies and loyalty to the Spirit of Prophecy. The question of revelation-inspiration was pressed to the front. Quite a number of leaders became involved, but we may look to S. N. Haskell as representing certain views and Elders A. G. Daniells and W. C. White taking another position. All three had labored very closely with Ellen White and had unquestioned confidence in her call and work. The crux of the matter was an understanding of and interpretation of the Early Writings statement. Said Haskell:

If Sister White says that she does not mean what she said when she said what she did on the “daily,” then I will say no more.—S. N. Haskell to CCC, March 30, 1908.

Daniells just as pointedly made his understanding clear:

I want to tell you plainly that it is my deep conviction that those who hold the new view and who interpret the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy in harmony with that view, as Brother Prescott has done in his tract, are the truest friends of the gift of prophecy in our ranks. I believe that those who interpret that passage in Early Writings as supporting the “old view” are doing your mother a great wrong. They are arraying her against the plain text of the Scripture, and all the reliable history of the world.

As I look at it, your mother and her writings need to be protected from such short-sighted expositors. Every time I review this study I am profoundly thankful that the passage in Early Writings is so susceptible of interpretation which is in harmony with both Scripture and history....

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