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Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6), Page 349

The next day, Friday, she was off to Glendale and Los Angeles and points north. The evening after the Sabbath the workers at Loma Linda assembled again to consider the land matter further. It was clear that as an institution they could not go ahead and sign a contract to buy without board action, but in the light of Ellen White's counsel they felt something must be done at once. So they banded themselves together in an agreement to purchase the Kelly tract. They would pay $1,000 down, with notes to pay $4,000 in thirty days and the balance of the $18,000 in two annual payments. The land was to be held, without speculation, until by board action it should be purchased by the institution.

This step highly pleased Ellen White. On arriving home, she, on April 30, wrote to Elder Burden:

My mind is settled in regard to the purchase of the land in front of the Loma Linda Sanitarium. We must have that piece of land. I will pledge myself to be depended upon for $1,000.... The piece of land we must have, for it will never do to have buildings crowded in there. Do not fail to carry through the purchase of it. Do your best, and I will do my best. The money from me you may depend upon. We shall be able to send it soon.—Letter 20, 1911.

To do her best meant to Ellen White that she must borrow the money and that she would labor to persuade others to join in providing funds for the purchase. She succeeded in this. Looking back five weeks later, she told the Burdens:

I was moved to speak as I did concerning the piece of land in front of the Loma Linda Sanitarium. I was urged by the Spirit of God to make the pledge of $1,000; and I did so hoping that others, who were better able to give than I, would follow my example.

I dared not leave the meeting without following the conviction I had; and now I feel that I have done my duty, showing my faith by my works.—Letter 34, 1911.

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