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Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6), Page 350

Chapter 26—The Other Side of 1911

Writing and book preparation was Ellen White's principal work in 1911, and it was undertaken with a sense of time running out. But as in other years, Ellen White's 1911 ministry was somewhat mixed. From time to time, writing was laid aside for important interviews, occasional speaking in nearby churches, trips to Loma Linda, and in a camp meeting ministry.

Then more general phases of her work were marked by the issuance of two pamphlets, Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 17, published late in July, and Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 17a, issued near the close of the year. The first was a warning on “The Unwise Use of Money and the Spirit of Speculation.” The other was an encouragement to Seventh-day Adventists to step forward and aid in securing land at Loma Linda that would, in time, be needed by the institution. The story behind this comprised a portion of the preceding chapter.

Now here is the story behind the other pamphlet, a story involving an official of Mariposa County in California, Stonewall Jackson Harris. Mr. Harris was the county surveyor and a U.S. deputy mineral surveyor; he was also involved in a number of business enterprises, some of them highly speculative. He was a Seventh-day Adventist and was developing several investment ventures, designed to interest his fellow church members. These, he felt, promised large returns to the cause of God.

Early Monday morning, May 29, 1911, Mr. Harris called at the home of W. C. White and expressed a desire to see Ellen White, so that he might lay before her his plans of work and receive advice.

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