Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6), Page 388

the work of bringing my writings into book form, so that they can be published for the people.—The General Conference Bulletin, 1913, 5, 6.

In his statement to the conference, W. C. White reported on Ellen White's health and welfare:

Mother is 85 years old. She feels the infirmities of age, but she is not suffering with sickness. She is comfortably well. Almost every pleasant day she rides out for an hour or two. Usually she devotes an hour or two to reading and writing, from day to day.

Very frequently, as I visit her in the morning, I find the Review in her hands, and she says, “What a wonderful paper! What an interesting report of our work!” And in connection with various reports in the Review, she often comments on the progress of the work in many lands.

Mother's courage is good. She has no fear of the future. She expects to rest in the grave a little while before the Lord comes, but she has no dread. Her only anxiety is to use day by day what strength God gives her, in a way most acceptable to her Master.—Ibid., 6.

Ellen White's Message to the Delegates

On Sabbath afternoon W. C. White was called upon to read Ellen White's message of greeting to the delegates. It contained a challenge to face the work with hopefulness and courage and reminded them that their attitude during the conference would have a telling influence throughout the world field. She declared:

Often in the night season I am bidden to urge our brethren in responsible positions to make earnest effort to follow on to know the Lord more perfectly. When our workers realize as they should the importance of the times in which we live, there will be seen a determined purpose to be on the Lord's side, and they will become in truth laborers together with God.—Ibid., 34.

She spoke of the disappointment that came to her when at the General Conference of 1909 “a work should have been done in the hearts of those in attendance that was not done,” and finally, of her rejoicing when “some of those in positions of trust” after prayer and study of the various messages given, “ventured to undertake by

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