Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6), Page 453

Appendix B

The Settlement of Ellen G. White'S Estate

In late 1912, W. C. White, in responding to questions asked by a minister laboring in the midwest, gave, in general terms, a summary of those factors that yielded the state of Ellen G. White's financial affairs. He wrote:

When father died in 1881, he left property worth from $15,000 to $20,000. Some of it was real estate, some of it was invested in books. Some of the books sold well; others shrank in value.

During the next ten years following father's death, mother wrote several books that have had a large sale. Some were translated into three or four european languages. As a result of mother's earnest desire to get these books before the people, she shared with the publishers the initial expense by paying for the typesetting and the making of electrotype plates. The income from the sale of her books was not sufficient in many cases to cover these expenses. This work has gone forward until at present time mother has about $40,000 invested in book plates and copyrights, and she has borrowed and is paying interest on all the money thus invested.

Mother's income from the sale of her books has been used from year to year:

(A) In the education of teachers, ministers, and medical missionaries;

(B) In the support of home and foreign missions;

(C) In the building of meetinghouses, intermediate schools,

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