Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418], Page 396

MR No. 417—Ellen G. White Counsels Relating to the Moving of Two Colleges—Battle Creek College and Pacific Union College

[Note: The following materials were cited in a 21-page paper prepared by Robert W. Olson in December, 1974, in response to a request to the White Estate for counsels from Ellen White which might have a bearing on plans for the possible move of Columbia Union College to a more rural location. The full paper is available from the White Estate upon request.]

Would it not be the best thing we could do to sell the large school building in Battle Creek, and take the money to establish a building free from debt where can be had the advantages of land for manual labor? Thus the students could work on the same plans that we are trying to work on here. We think that if this were done, it would be the first step in heeding the message given for families to get out of Battle Creek into a more healthful location and a more spiritual atmosphere. There are altogether too many interests in Battle Creek. But this matter needs to be handled with great prudence and much wisdom. The Lord is to be our counselor in all the movements made.

We greatly desire to see the spiritual atmosphere in Battle Creek changed for the better. Decided changes need to be made in the church; for her lack of moral power and spiritual efficiency is to be lamented. What can heal the church? What can create a pure and holy sentiment in all our institutions in Battle Creek? We need to begin at the very first principles of willing obedience to God's holy law. An outward observance of the Sabbath

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