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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, Page 70

If those who claim to be Christians will heed the word of Christ, all who come in contact with them will acknowledge that they have been with Jesus and have learned of Him. They will represent Christ, and eternal things will be their theme. The realities of eternity will be brought near. They will watch for souls as they that must give an account. This means much more than many seem to think. It means to go out and search for the lost sheep.

Raising Funds

None are to take advantage of the camp meetings, when the greatest number of people may be reached, in order to introduce special interests or to raise means for the various benevolent objects that are becoming so numerous. The work of God in the ministry of the word, the promulgation of the truth in the regions beyond, the great interests of educational work in new fields, and the establishment of sanitariums in connection with the work of the gospel ministry—these are objects that should be presented to the people at our camp meetings.

Results of Camp Meeting Work

A great work is to be accomplished by our camp meetings. The Lord has specially honored these gatherings, which He has called “holy convocations.” To these meetings come thousands of people, many merely from curiosity to see and hear some new thing. But as they hear the message of truth and come in contact with those who believe it, many are impressed. They see that this people are not what they have been represented. Prejudice, opposition, and indifference are swept away, and with candid interest they listen to the word spoken.

The Lord has His representatives in all the churches. These persons have not had the special testing truths for

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