Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 131

A great deal of harm has been done by admitting to our sanitariums persons of superficial character. Those who should be vigilant stewards are not watchful and discriminating. God calls for a decided change.

Those who are admitted as nurses should be firm in the faith. No trifling ones, no persons of superficial character are to be taken in for one light, frivolous mind may be used by Satan to do mischief which few can anticipate. Such ones misrepresent the high standard of righteousness. There are those who are easily influenced by them, and together, by their foolish talking, their loud laughing, their love of amusements, they injure the reputation of the institution. The patients are disgusted by their indecorous conduct. Those who have any part to act in our sanitariums are to be circumspect. They are to act like men and women who carry grave responsibilities.—Manuscript 104, 1901, 5, 6. (“The Need of a Reform,” October 8, 1901.)

We need to take a higher spiritual view of the work of God. Great care should be taken in the selection of young people to connect with our sanitariums as nurses. We cannot afford to accept every one who is ready to come. Great injury is done to our medical institutions when there are connected with them those who do not understand what it means to do service to God.

Frivolous young people are not to be chosen to act a part in the Lord's work. No one is to be accepted merely to favor relatives or acquaintances. Those who prepare the food should thoroughly understand how to prepare wholesome, appetizing food. And those who carry the trays are to realize the

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