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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 132

influence they should exert on those whom they serve. Those only should be selected for any branch of the work who will exert a sanctified influence. 7MR 131.4

To our sanitariums all classes of the sick will come, and by our physicians and nurses they are to be led to realize that they need spiritual help as well as physical restoration. They are to be given every advantage for the restoration of physical health, and they should be shown also what it means to be blessed with the light and life of Christ, what it means to be bound up with Him. They are to be led to see that the grace of Christ in the soul uplifts the whole being. And in no better way can they learn of Christ's life than by seeing it revealed in the lives of His followers.—Letter 287, 1905, pp. 6, 7. (To “Promoters of the Canon City Sanitarium,” October 2, 1905.) 7MR 132.1

The Lord desires to make every physician and every nurse a minister of healing. Seek to give to the sick the highest kind of knowledge by bringing to their understanding the lessons of the word of truth. Pray with them and for them. Thus while you bring them back to life and help by ministering to their physical needs, you may win them to Christ to be partakers of the life that is eternal.—Manuscript 57, 1912, 1. (“The Privilege of the Ministry,” August 13, 1912.) 7MR 132.2

Released September 2, 1975. 7MR 132

MR No. 448—“Spirit of Prophecy and Adultery, Divorce, Remarriage, and Church Membership” (Available from White Estate)

MR No. 449—“Ministers and Workers Who Have Violated the Seventh Commandment” (Available from White Estate)

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