Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 155

MR No. 453—Mrs. S. M. I. Henry and the W.T.C.U.

I would be very much pleased could I be seated by your side and converse with you in regard to the incidents of our experience. I have an earnest desire to meet you. It is not impossible that, even in this life, we shall see each other face to face. When I learn of the gracious dealings of God with you, I feel very grateful to my heavenly Father that the light of the truth for this time is shining into the chambers of your mind and into the soul temple. Across the broad waters of the Pacific, we can clasp hands in faith and sweet fellowship. I rejoice with you in every opportunity you have of reaching the people. I praise the Lord that he has wrought for you, that the Great Physician who has never lost a case, has healed you, and given you access to the people, that you may set before many your experience of the loving kindness of a gracious Redeemer.—Letter 9, 1898, p. 1. (To Mrs. S. M. I. Henry, January 2, 1898.)

I am thankful that the Lord is leading you. Your letter was refreshing, the more so because your ideas are in harmony with my mind. I believe that the Lord has appointed you to do his work in his way. Let us in our work have faith in God and trust him. While we may take pleasure in counselling our brethren, an individual work is to be done which is beyond the power of any mind to comprehend.... I thank the Lord with heart, and soul, and voice that you have been a prominent and influential member of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. In the providence of God you have been led to the light, to obtain a knowledge of the truth, and the education you have

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