Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 231

on through the night. Last night succeeded better. He did not bring the heel fully in place. Tonight he has brought it nearer in place. It is quite painful.—Letter 1a, 1881, p. 1. (To Willie and Mary White, January 6, 1881.)

In coming from Sarah's to our house, I slipped and fell, wrenching my foot backwards and putting my ankle out of joint. In rising it flew back again.... I can hobble around a little with crutches, but I will not murmur or complain.—Letter 9, 1856, p. 1. (To Mrs. E. P. Below, January 1, 1856.)

As my husband stopped, after riding a few miles, to arrange the pack, I rode on to overtake some of our company ahead. I soon noticed my horse began to shy, and saw that my pack had become loosened and was dangling around his heels. I slipped my foot from the stirrup and in a moment more would have been free. I arose in much pain, nervous and trembling. I took my seat in the saddle with less confidence than when I mounted my pony two days before.—Manuscript 4, 1872, 10. (Diary, September 4, 1872.)

Released January 9, 1976.

MR No. 470—In Manuscript Release No. 1236

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