Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 244

MR No. 475—Revival Meetings Conducted by Ellen White

I expected to remain through the meeting [in New Bedford] but urgent telegrams came from the Ohio campmeeting for us to come. If we would return answer that we would come Elder Farnsworth would start for New Bedford meeting. We looked the whole thing over and, considering Elders Canright and Oviatt's apostasy, we decided to go.

We left the ground Friday morning and arrived at Cleveland Sabbath morning and spoke that day. Made decided efforts for the people, called them forward and fully two hundred came forward. The congregation of outsiders was very large. This made a decided impression upon them. They said they never had seen anything like this before. Special labor was given in the different tents for all who came forward. After a season of prayer I was in the tent from half past two until half past five o'clock.

Sunday we had the crowd again. The large tent was crowded full. It rained some. Many visited me who had been in the ‘43 and ‘44 Movement. Some claimed to be in advance of us in the faith of the restitution of all things, while some others claimed that Christ had come, while still others seemed to be seeking for the truth. It was hard labor in Cleveland because of the want of unity among the ministers. There was need of the converting power of God to come upon the ministers.

Monday we entered the tent at eight o'clock and did not leave it until three. I spoke three hours giving most solemn warnings to ministers and people, called the people forward and the ministers and gave them time to confess their faults and errors. When they commenced to confess there was a

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