Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 296

MR No. 486—Development of SDA Work in Germany

My Brother, I have sent letters to Elder Loughborough that I wish you to read. Our European missions are opening for laborers in every direction and there is not means in the treasury to support men in the field. My heart aches day and night so that I can seldom sleep later than half past three o'clock, thinking of the cities of Europe to be entered while the angels are holding the four winds for the message to go to all nations, tongues and people. If you could only see how poor the people are in Europe you would know just what to do with some of your means.

There is not a man in all the European field that has means to help us out when we get into a straight place, not one that we can call upon. It is not so in California; it is not so in the States. We are in need of means and may the Lord teach you just how to apply yours wisely. Let there be no extravagant outlay of means, no elaborate plans made in any place to consume means unless positively necessary for the progress of the work and cause of God. This is a hard field because of its poverty, and those who embrace the truth have a hard test, starvation seems to stare them in the face. All in the office work for limited wages, not over six dollars per week and room and board themselves. This is considered good wages. But, my Brother, I leave these things with you. I received a letter December 19, stating that Brother Church has sold his ditch property. I felt like praising the Lord.

Now do not invest this in earthly treasures. You have an opportunity to lay up your treasures in heaven. The end is near. Christ is coming. We want to do with men, with voice, with means, the very work that God would have us

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