Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 314

MR No. 492—Work of SDA Pioneers in Scandinavia

My brother, I have been shown that Elders _____, _____, and yourself have displayed a great lack of wise generalship. You yourself have not developed talent and trained helpers to take hold with you and assist in the work, as you might have done. You have the idea that no one can labor so well as you can. While you have too much to do, others have too little. You do not give others an opportunity to improve in efficiency by practical experience.

You are willing to be helped and assisted, if your helpers will leave the main responsibility resting on you. Especially among your own countrymen you desire to be placed above every one else.

You do not seem to have the ability to educate young men and to give them a chance to do that which they have talents for doing, if they were given an opportunity to learn. This is the work which should have been done, but which you have left undone. If you were unselfish, if you had Christlike meekness and lowliness, you would learn how to train the youth for useful service....

In all the departments of the Lord's work every laborer is to help his fellow-laborers. The workers are to take no credit to themselves because they have many advantages, nor are they to think that they deserve praise for using in the service of Jesus Christ the talents that He has entrusted to them. They should realize that the non-employment of their capabilities would lay them under a burden of guilt, making them deserving of the just displeasure and severest judgments of God.

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