Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 318

of us, but we have driven him back.—Letter 12, 1850, pp. 1-3. (To Brother and Sister Howland, August 15, 1850.)

I saw the cruel power of Satan that had afflicted us of late, and bound us to keep the truth from coming out in the paper. I saw he meant to have taken the life of little Edson, but our united faith drove him back, and weakened his power. And as James and myself went to Port Byron with Bro. Rhodes, Satan stepped in because some of the strength of faith was gone, to take the life of the child, and when we came back he was at the point of death, where no human power could save him. I saw our acting out faith and sending for Bro. Rhodes after he had started on his journey saved the life of the child. For God heard the prayers of Bro. Rhodes and saved the life of the child.... When Satan saw his power was broken on the child, he laid hold of James and afflicted his body. And he would have afflicted him unto death, but God put bounds to his power and would not suffer it. The angels of God were hovering and thus far the enemy could go, and no farther. I saw his affliction had been the means of drawing us nearer to God to feel our dependence upon him. God heard our prayers for James although we were weak, and answered them and the balm of Gilead was applied. The sick [were] made whole and others who had been bound and oppressed, he set free, and James was raised up so he could go on with the paper.—Manuscript 7a, 1850, p. 1. (“Vision at Bro. Harris’,” August 24, 1850.)

Released April 28, 1976.

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