Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 322

MR No. 496—Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

You must stop and rest and be happy and not worry your mind about the responsibilities of the work and cause of God. Be peaceful, calm and happy and trust yourself in the work and cause of God, feeling that you are now to soften, sweeten, ripen up for heaven. God loves you. But you will with your advanced age, and your strong peculiarities certainly mar the work of God more than you can help it.—Letter 2, 1872, p. 1. (To Brother Bates, February 12, 1872.)

Poor, half-decayed fruit and vegetables should never be placed upon the table because it is a savings of a few pennies. This kind of management is a loss, and the body that should be nourished as a temple of the Holy Ghost and be fitted to do the very best kind of work is neglected. Many speeches were made in regard to self-denial and self-sacrifice that were wholly inappropriate and uncalled for. Brother _____ was so reduced by poor food and by want of conveniences and proper, careful attention while absent from his family that he had no strength to withstand exposure and disease. He died a martyr to misconceived, crooked ideas of what constitutes health reform and self-denial. He always had little thought for his own convenience, and was left too much to himself, to care for himself. He was willing to do anything to save means. Such conscientious souls are the ones who are hurt by these overstrained ideas of what constitutes health reform. Sister _____'s family have been injured by the ideas she has entertained of health reform. Brother John has been a hard worker, and the food taken into his stomach has not

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