Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 366

MR No. 512—Use of the Tithe

He [Kellogg] says if no means is allowed to carry the message by medical missionary laborers into the churches, he shall separate the tithe that is paid into the Conference, to sustain the medical missionary work. You should come to an understanding, and work harmoniously. For him to separate the tithe from the treasury would be a necessity I greatly dread. If this money in tithe is paid by the workers into the treasury, why, I ask, should not that amount be apportioned to the carrying forward of the medical missionary work?—Letter 51a, 1898, p. 1. (To Uriah Smith and G. A. Irwin, June 6, 1898.)

I tell you that if you expect the blessing of God to rest upon you, you must put into the treasury that which will support the interests of the cause in different places.... The amount that goes from the Battle Creek Church to the General Conference will go for the universal wants of the cause in different places where the work must be built up.—Manuscript 11, 1891, 6, 7. (“Remarks at Michigan Conference Meeting,” September 3, 1891.)

Released January 18, 1977.

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