Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 55

MR No. 429—Labor Unions

I have received and read your letter. I can sympathize with you in your perplexity. I wish that I could see you and talk with you. Do not suppose, from my letter, that I think you have changed in regard to economy. I think no such thing. But I know the danger of those who have not had the experience that you have had, and you will need to guard constantly against the introduction of this and that, which, though seemingly harmless, would lead to the sacrifice of principles that should ever be maintained in our restaurant work.

Recipes that are formed on the old plan of preparing food are gathered up and put into our health papers. This is not right. Only recipes for the plainest, simplest, and most wholesome food should be put into our health journals. We must not expect that those who all their life have indulged appetite will understand how to prepare food that will be at once wholesome, simple, and appetizing. This is the science that every sanitarium and health restaurant is to teach.

We are to teach the people how to prepare dishes that are not expensive but wholesome and palatable. And never is a recipe to appear in our health journals that will injure our reputation as health reformers. If the patronage of our restaurants lessens because we refuse to depart from right principles, then let it lessen. We must keep the way of the Lord, through evil report as well as good report.

I present these things to you in my letters to help you to cleave to the

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