Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 71

MR No. 430—Relationship of Institutional Workers

A spirit of independence has been coming into our institutions and many feel that they are not amenable to anyone. The lessons of the Lord Jesus are not deemed worthy of acceptance as rules for the practical duties of life. Many have created a standard of their own, and are satisfied to walk in sparks of their own kindling. Christ says, “Without me ye can do nothing.” Then would it not be better to walk in the footsteps of Jesus? ...

The Lord Jesus has not spoken at random when He says there can be no union between Christ and Belial, and yet there is danger that the worldly element will be encouraged and developed that will be full of the subtlety of Satan, and the more intelligent the irreligious workers, the more and greater is the evil to those who are associated with them.

The Lord is seeking by the working of His power and grace to bring His people into a condition where eternal principles may live in their hearts, where indelible impressions may be made upon the souls, so that as Satan comes with his specious temptations as an angel of light, he may be overcome. His sophistry, his deceptions, his policy will work constantly for the subverting of souls, that he may be able to obliterate the marks of Christian discipleship from the servants of God, and draw them into confederacy with those whom he leads and commands, the enemies of Christ and the truth. We need to be thoroughly awakened from the spiritual paralysis that has come upon us. We have many of us lost our first love; and we love not our brethren because we have been breathing the malaria of the world.

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