Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page i

Manuscript Releases Volume Seven [Nos. 419-525]

A Word of Explanation

When Ellen White died in 1915, she left her manuscripts and letters in the custody of a small group of ministers and administrators in the Seventh-day Adventist Church whom she had appointed to serve as trustees of her estate. As the years passed, these trustees and their successors became increasingly aware of the potential usefulness to the Church of this gold mine of unpublished materials. Procedures were developed whereby church entities, or even individuals, could request the “Release” of specified excerpts from Ellen White's writings for use in books, articles, class lectures, or sermons. For details of the release process the reader is referred to the preface to Manuscript Releases, Vol. 1.

As in the earlier volumes, materials currently available elsewhere in published form have not been included in the present volume. In a few cases materials under consideration and assigned a release number were not processed. And the number was not reassigned. Until 1983, only the excerpts requested for public use were “released.” Starting with manuscript release No. 970, the White Estate began “releasing” entire letters or manuscripts, so far as possible, even if only particular paragraphs were requested.

Copy for this volume has been sent to the publisher camera-ready, which means that any typographical mistakes or other inaccuracies which may appear are the responsibility of the White Estate, not the publisher.

We take pleasure in making these materials available in this form, and trust that the counsels, warnings, and principles put forth by the author will bring a blessing to every reader.

The Trustees of the

Ellen G. White Estate.

Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation
Ms. ReleasePage
419 Early Childhood Education1
420 1880 Camp Meeting at Milton, Oregon28
421 Appeal to Workers in San Francisco36
422 Additional Material on Ellen White and Health Reform43
423 Appreciation of Marian Davis44
424 Satan As an Angel of Light45
425 Inspiration for Nurses46
426 Religious Liberty51
427 Appreciation for Marian Davis—II54
428 Previously Released as No.304
429 Labor Unions55
430 Relationship of Institutional Workers71
431 Polygamy74
432 Dealing With Children75
433 The Resurrection76
434 Address to Bible Workers and Ministers78
435 Mrs. White's Work and Travels in Australia82
436 Ellen G. White's Experiences in Australia89
437 Bible Tests Not Man-made Tests91
438 Three E. G. White Messages Relating to the Work in New York93
439 Steadfastness in Time of Apostasy110
440 The Civil War111
441 Need for Organization and Spirit of Unity113
442 Pacific Press Commercial Work115
443 Ellen G. White Letters—The Sacred and the Common116
444 Changes Brought by Sin123
445 Steps in Conversion125
446 A Physician and Apostle127
447 Qualifications of Nurses for SDA Health Institutions128
448 “Spirit of Prophecy and Adultery, Divorce, Remarriage, and Church Membership” (Available from White Estate)
449 “Ministers and Workers Who Have Violated the Seventh Commandment” (Available from White Estate)
450 Christian Leadership133
451 The Tithe135
452 Beholding Christ140
453 Mrs. S.M.I. Henry and the W.T.C.U155
454 Reasons for Apostasy in the SDA Church171
455 Letter to the Crew of the “Pitcairn”198
456 The Husband's Position in the Home207
457 Familiarity With the Opposite Sex208
458 Counsels on Sanitarium Work211
459 The Whites in Colorado214
460 Satan's Nefarious Work on Earth215
461 E. G. White Comments Concerning Wright, Michigan216
462 1883 General Conference Session222
463 The Senses and Sensuality224
464 Principles of Christian Growth226
465 In Manuscript Release No.1064
466 In Manuscript Release No. 346
467 Power From Christ May Be Safely Exercised228
468 Early Childhood Education229
469 E. G. White Biographical Items230
470 In Manuscript Release No.1236
471 Christ's Righteousness Revealed by Love, Not Selfishness.232
472 Early Education of Youth239
473 Soul Preparation241
474 Bread Making243
475 Revival Meetings Conducted by Ellen White244
476 Materials in Maranatha
477 Canvassing an Excellent Training for the Ministry251
478 Pioneering in Australia With Ellen White252
479 Anna and Nathaniel White259
480 Reconversion and Rebaptism261
481 In Sermons and Talks, vol. 1, pp. 105-119
482 Relation of Christ's Death to Character Transformation274
483 The Spirit of 1876276
484 Distinction Between the Sacred and the Common290
485 Science and Biblical Interpretation292
486 Development of SDA Work in Germany296
487 The Holy Spirit Is a Person299
488 Demas300
489 In Manuscript Release No.1077
490 The Melrose Sanitarium301
491 Published as Testimonies to Southern Africa
492 Work of SDA Pioneers in Scandinavia314
493 Intercessory Prayer in Ellen White's Life317
494 What Christ's Righteousness Means To Us319
495 Last-day Missionary Work321
496 Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself322
497 Cutting Thrusts in Discussions Are Wrong331
498 Accusations Must Be Met332
499 Christ and the Jewish Economy333
500 Ellen G. White and Women Physicians335
501 Canvassing Work336
502 Diet and the Spirituality of Ministers337
503 Entire Consecration of the Household339
504 Divorce and Remarriage341
505 Creation of the World343
506 Linking Arms with the Arm of Satan344
507 Items for “Critique of Prophetess of Health346
508 Exhortation to Faithfulness to Church Members and Elders353
509 A Lesson From Pentecost362
510 Methods for Reaching Unbelievers363
511 Battle Creek Sanitarium365
512 Use of the Tithe366
513 Items for Use in Ministry Magazine367
514 In Selected Messages 3:337, and Manuscript Release No.869
515 Counsels Regarding Medical Work368
516 Inspiration382
517 Dwell on Christ Not Men's Faults383
518 Team Ministry386
519 Christ the Manager of Our Institutions411
520 An Ellen G. White Prayer413
521 Scripture Is the Key to Scripture416
522 Prophets Wrote for Our Times417
523 Ellen White on James White's Death419
524 In Manuscript Release No.1433
525 The Effects of Meat Eating on Man420

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