Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 7 [Nos. 419-525], Page 249

April 8, half-past ten a.m. We had a most precious meeting at half-past five this morning, and it would have done your soul good to have heard the heartfelt testimonies that were borne. Brother John Sisley bore a good, free, heartfelt testimony. Brother Ballenger proclaimed himself a converted man, and there is a right ring to his testimony. He says he can take hold of the work now as he never could take hold of it before, because he simply did not know how to exercise faith and cling to the righteousness of Christ. I wish you could see and hear Elder Kilgore. He talks things right out. He weeps and rejoices. He says he has had a new conversion, that his eyes are opened, that he no longer sees men as trees walking in his religious experience, but that he sees clearly that it is Christ's righteousness that he must rely upon or he is a lost man. Brother Tait is also out into the clear light, and his testimony rings out in decided tones. He has found Jesus and is so happy. He says that there are young men at this meeting who have been brought into the truth through his labors, and we can judge how glad he feels to hear them express their joy and gratitude for the light that has shown upon us, and to see deep movings of the Spirit of God on their hearts.

Oh, if they had only known when they first embraced the truth that which they now understand, how much further advanced they might have been in the divine life! Oh, how much time, how many opportunities have been left unimproved, because the people of God have not brought faith and love of Jesus into their religious experience! Brother Tait says, “Oh that I had preached the gospel of Christ to the souls for whom I have labored, how much better it would have been for them! But I will preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified in all my ministerial labors henceforth.” Brother Kilgore is just

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