Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 377

may be warmed. Further than this all cooking should be avoided as a violation of the Sabbath.

If all will exercise judgment and reasonable care in regard to clothing and diet, the blessings of the meeting may be enjoyed in health and comfort. The clothing should be varied according to the weather. During sudden changes, and the chill of morning and evening, warmer garments and additional wraps are essential to health. The feet, in particular, should be well protected. Whatever the weather, they need to be kept warm and dry.

In eating, errors in the quantity as well as the quality of food should be avoided. Eating too much of even a simple diet will injure the health, as will also irregular eating, and eating between meals. All these abuses of the stomach cloud the mind and blunt the conscience.

If right habits are ever observed, they certainly should be at these large and important meetings. Here, if anywhere, we want our minds clear and active. We should honor God at all times and in all places; but it seems doubly important at these meetings, where we assemble to worship Him, and to gain a better knowledge of His will.

One reason why we do not enjoy more of the blessing of the Lord, is that we do not heed the light He has been pleased to give us in regard to the laws of life and health. If we would all live more simply, and let the time usually given to unnecessary table luxuries and pride of dress, be spent in searching the Scriptures and in humble prayer for the bread of life, we should receive a greater measure of spiritual strength. We need to give less attention to our mere temporal wants, and more to our eternal interests.

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