Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 104

MR No. 561—Glimpses of Ellen White's Philosophy

Now let us see if there is not something for us to do. Let us see if we have not bound ourselves about with iron bands. Every one of us must come in that position where Christ can work with us. We must get where we will respect the judgment of others and not think that “My way is the only right way in the world.”

They say to me in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, “You cannot labor here as you do in America.” But I tell them I will give them the message as God has given it to me. God has not changed since I came to Europe and I will bear my message just as He has given it to me, and if I fail of meeting the ideas of the people in this place I want them to remember that God has not changed; He is the same here as in America, and He can give the same message here.

It is Christ and Him crucified, and the Christ in me will respond to the Christ in you. Here is the Bible and the truth, and we must come to the platform of eternal truth and seek to be partakers of the Divine nature, and then the true light will come into this nation.—Manuscript 83, 1886, 8, 9. (Sermon, September, 1886.)

I think we should feel thankful that our home is in America, but we are not safe unless God protects us even there. For these men who are dissatisfied with kingly rule and heavy taxation are emigrating to America and are making their riotous speeches in cities there to arouse the working class to make a raid upon the rich and rob and plunder those who have property. These uneasy dissatisfied elements are increasing in power. Every

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