Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 112

MR No. 562—The Moving of Pacific Union College

We waited many months for a decision regarding the title of the property under consideration at Sonoma. Finally the time came when we felt that there should be no more delay in securing a place where we might locate our college. When I learned that our brethren were considering the advantages of a property near the St. Helena Sanitarium, I was deeply interested.

Last Thursday evening, September 9, I returned to St. Helena from a long journey in the eastern states. In crossing the mountains I had been seriously affected by the high altitude, and was very feeble. But I felt that I must see this school property at once, so the next morning after my arrival at home, with a few others, I went up Howell Mountain to visit the Angwin place.

I was very happily surprised to find here a place where we need not wait to make great preparations before our school can be opened. Here we may call the students to come, and we can begin the school work, just as soon as they are on the ground. The advantages to be found here are many. A great deal of labor has been put forth to improve this property which has been used in the past as a health resort.

This place is more appropriate for our school than was the property we were previously considering. There was on that place, it is true, one large, very expensive building; but this building was not so well adapted to our school work. Those who erected this building had been very lavish in the use of their means, but the expenditure was not appropriate in a building for common school purposes. At Sonoma other buildings would have had to be erected very soon. But at Angwin's there are sufficient buildings for present

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