Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 189

MR No. 581—Relationship of Prayer to Soulwinning

Had you helped them when you saw them [discouraged ones] halting, had you in brotherly love drawn them into safe paths, had you manifested a spirit of interest, and shown that you did care for their souls, had you prayed with them and for them, you might have saved souls from death, and covered a multitude of sins. He who offers up fervent prayers in earnest love for the souls for whom Christ has died, will not only benefit those for whom he prays, but will benefit himself....

There are many who are laborers together with God whom we do not discern; the hands of ministers have never been laid upon them in ordination for the work; but nevertheless they are wearing the yoke of Christ, and exert a saving influence in working in different lines to win souls to Christ. The success of our work depends upon our love to God, and our love to our fellow men. When there is harmonious action among the individual members of the church, when there is love and confidence manifested by brother to brother, there will be proportionate force and power in our work for the salvation of men. Oh how greatly we need a moral renovation! Without the faith that works by love you can do nothing. May the Lord give you hearts to receive this testimony.—Manuscript 33, 1894, 6, 9, 10. (“Testimony to the Battle Creek Church,” August 3, 1894.)

Every one who believes in Christ as a personal Saviour, is under bonds to God to be pure and holy, to be a spiritual worker seeking to save the lost, whether they are great or small, rich or poor, bond or free. The

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