Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 23

MR No. 536—Debating and the Ministry

I was led from room to room occupied by our brethren at that meeting [the 1888 G.C. Session at Minneapolis], and heard that of which every one will one day be terribly ashamed, if it is not until the judgment, when every work will appear in its true light. In the room occupied by you there was a Witness, and in the rooms of others there was a Witness to every remark made,—the ungodly jest, the satire, the sarcasm, the wit; the Lord God of heaven was displeased with you, and with every one who shared in the merriment, and in the hard, unimpressible spirit. An influence was exerted that was Satanic. Some souls will be lost in consequence.—Letter 61, 1893, pp. 3, 4. (To Elder I. D. Van Horn, January 20, 1893.) 8MR 23.1

The enemies of the truth know that they have not strong arguments to sustain their position; therefore they will try the mettle of the one who presents the truth. In the position where you are placed to vindicate the truth, keep self out of sight, make no boast of knowledge, place your feet upon the Word, the eternal Word of truth. Make no reference to any sly thrusts of your opponent. Do not manifest a spirit of retaliation. But ever maintain the gentleness of Christ. Put on Christ. Your physical infirmities urge you to hasty feelings and hasty words, which give your opponent an advantage. Abide in Christ. For the truth's sake, for Christ's sake, preserve the dignity, the elevated and ennobling character of the truth. Your zeal will need to be controlled by the Holy Spirit of God, lest it quicken into impatience as you see the Scriptures wrested and fables and human assertions 8MR 23.2

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