Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 289

MR No. 599—What It Means to Partake of the Divine Nature

Christians preparing for the city God has built for the pure and holy must show that they love God and their fellow men. This must be. Otherwise Christ cannot stamp them with the image of God. He cannot restore in them His attributes, or make them partakers of the divine nature.—Manuscript 62, 1897, 3. (“To Brethren in California,” June 3, 1897.)

There has been need for this prayer to be offered: “Oh, my best Friend, my Maker, my Lord, shape me and mold me into Thy divine likeness. Make me entirely like Thyself. Refine, purify, quicken me, that I may represent the character of God.”

Religion and business are not two separate things, but one. All that trust in the Lord implicitly will be tested and tried. Then the superscription of God will be placed upon them.—Letter 49, 1897, p. 4. (To Brethren Daniells, Colcord, Faulkhead, Palmer, and Salisbury, September 1, 1897.)

There is not one of the feeblest of humanity but can be a conqueror by being a partaker of the divine nature....

Every member of the human family is honored by the achievement of this [Christ's] wonderful victory, making it possible for every soul to become a partaker of the divine nature if he will connect with Christ.—Manuscript 49, 1897, 9, 10. (“Obedience to Physical Law,” May 19, 1897.)

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