Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 311

MR No. 611—George I. Butler

I do not wish the letters that I have sent to you should be used in a way that you will take it for granted that your ideas are all correct and Dr. [E. J.] Waggoner's and Elder [A. T.] Jones’ are all wrong....

I think you are too sharp. And then when this is followed by a pamphlet published of your own views, be assured I cannot feel that you are just right at this point to do this unless you give the same liberty to Dr. Waggoner....

I want to see no Pharisaism among us. The matter now has been brought fully before the people by yourself as well as Dr. Waggoner, that it must be met fairly and squarely in open discussion. I see no other way and if this cannot be done without a spirit of Pharisaism then let us stop publishing these matters and learn more fully lessons in the school of Christ.

I believe now that nothing can be done but open discussion. You circulated your pamphlet; now it is only fair that Dr. Waggoner should have just as fair a chance as you have had. I think the whole thing is not in God's order. But brethren, we must have no unfairness.—Letter 13, 1887, pp. 1, 3. (To G. I. Butler and Uriah Smith, April 5, 1887.)

Because I came from the Pacific Coast they would have it that I had been influenced by W. C. White, Dr. Waggoner, and A. T. Jones.—Letter 7, 1888, p. 1. (To W. M. Healey, December 9, 1888.)

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