Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 325

MR No. 616—The Workers’ Need for Efficiency and Moderation

Instead of the work being molded according to the habits of men, their habits must be reformed. Where the workers are decidedly below their task, they must take a new turn and become efficient. The work must not bear the mark of a faulty education and of the hereditary tendencies of man. It must be accomplished with exactness. If one has no qualifications for a certain work, let someone else be chosen to learn it, even if it incurs an expense. The work is of such importance that the angels look down upon it with an intense interest, and walk through the rooms of the institution. They watch every worker and the work that comes forth from his hands, and the report is brought back to heaven of the manner in which it is performed and of the spirit in which it is done.

There is a great need of careful building in every important institution like this. There is a great need of tact, intelligence, skill and businesslike thoroughness. This is even an absolute condition of prosperity in this institution. It will be easy to make great blunders if the business is not looked after with clear and sharp attention. Although the novice or apprentice may be energetic, if there is not in the various departments someone to oversee, someone who is properly qualified for his work, there will be failure in many respects. As the work grows, it will become impossible even occasionally to postpone jobs from one date to another. What is not done in due time, be it in sacred or in secular matters, runs a great risk of not being done at all; in any case, such work can never be done so well as at the proper time.

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