Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 326

This defect must be corrected in our managers as well as in our apprentices, for the eyes of the Lord are upon the work and the workmen. Much time goes by every day, and every hour of the day, which is far from showing the results which could be expected. Do one thing at a time, and complete it as far as possible, then take up another. It is impossible to think of having apprentices working diligently and yet making only very little advancement. The lesson to be taught is this: Do not take up your time with trifles, stop this state of things where everybody is in a hurry, and no one is getting ahead.

We must have at the head of the departments, calm, firm, punctual business men, able to bring order out of confusion, but who will not throw everything in confusion and keep things eternally on the run in order that jobs left behind may be done on time. There must be men who will begin a work in the right way, and hold to it and push it forward firmly. Everything must be done according to a well-matured plan, and with system. God has entrusted His sacred work to men, and He asks that they shall do it carefully. Regularity in all things is essential. Never be late to an appointment. In no department or office should time be lost in unnecessary conversations. The work of God requires things which it does not receive, because men do not learn from the God of wisdom. They press too many things into their life, postpone until tomorrow that which demands their attention today, and much time is lost in painfully picking up the lost stitches. Men and women can reach a higher degree of usefulness than to carry with them through life an unsettled state of mind. They can improve the defective

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