Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 452

MR No. 662—How to Deal with an Unproductive Worker

There is one thing more which I would like to present before you concerning the case of Elder C and family. Elder C stated to Willie that when he entered the work he knew that he was not prepared to preach. Others also presented themselves at the same time that he did, and all were allotted some place to work as beginners. He urged that he should be allowed to go as tent master with one of the ministers, and learn how to work, but Elder B did not regard his request. He asked if they were not going to give him something to do, and Elder B told him to go out to some country town and hammer away, to go to work in school houses. He feels that he has not had a fair chance, and I hope that his case will not be passed over without due attention. Give him a chance to learn the lessons that he should have had an opportunity to learn years ago. He is fearful that he is to be sent to America and then be dropped out of the work, but this should not be. He has some excellent qualifications although Australia is not his place. Please give Elder C a chance somewhere, and in order to know where to put him you must get acquainted with him.—Letter 39, 1892, p. 1. (To O. A. Olsen, July 7, 1892.)

Elder Olsen, we feel deeply in regard to our ministers. In the last mail I wrote you something in regard to Elder C. We all feel greatly relieved that he is no longer in Australia. The church in Adelaide where Brother C made his home, has been strangely neglected. The man devoted much of his time to his own enterprises, and took no care of the church. The sick were not visited, the desponding were not comforted, and the influence of this neglect is now

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