Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 76

MR No. 554—Photographs

We received yours [i.e., letter] which contained the number of pictures to be sent. They are slow in getting them out. We send from Ingelson's seven each. We sent from Lathrop's and Dunham's, six each. You will see that Lathrop has the preference. I thought that mine from Ingelson's was perfect, but I did not think yours was good. I have just received half a dozen from Lathrop's and Dunham's of mine. It is the judgment of all that this last is far better than Ingelson's. What do you think? We have a few of the small size of yours, but none yet of mine....

Lathrop is as pleased a man as you ever saw with the pictures, especially of you. He says he would sell your negative for five hundred dollars. Beside what we take, it will bring him that much custom. He thinks Ingelson's a flat affair. He [Lathrop] has your picture in the window for show.—Letter 1a, 1876, p. 1. (To James White, March 24, 1876.)

In regard to our pictures, how many shall we order? Dunham gave me mine as well as yours—one dozen each. This is liberal, I think. Everyone thinks these last [pictures] from Dunham's are perfect. What is your judgment? Lucinda's are not yet finished. No orders, he says, were left for him, but one dozen will be finished in a short time.—Letter 3, 1876, pp. 3, 4. (To James White, April 4, 1876.)

I have just gotten the picture Dunham has made. I do not like it. Shall

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