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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 8, Page 8

To help Seventh-day Adventists understand the background of the cause of the disaster which wiped out the publishing house, and the need of re-establishing the work on a new basis and in a new location, “Counsels Often Repeated” were set forth in volume 8.

These issues, involving our medical work, our publishing work, and the very doctrines of the church, were large and could easily divert the attention of our people around the world from the main task before us—that of carrying the everlasting gospel to all the world. Even though volume 8 was issued primarily to meet these crises, and to make the correct course forever clear to Seventh-day Adventists, Ellen White made a positive approach. The book opens, not with a picture of the problems confronting us, but rather with the section entitled “Present Opportunities” in which “Our Work” is set forth in appealing terms. Then follow chapters on “The Commission,” “The Power Promised,” and views of our responsibilities at home and abroad, with special mention of “The Work in Europe.” How it would have pleased the great enemy of truth if the minds and thoughts of the people of God could have been turned from the great unfinished task by speculations regarding the Godhead, by fanaticism, or by confused ideas of organization. But God's people were not to be diverted from their work of enlightening the world. With their eyes on the work, advance moves were made.

True, some lost their way in the crisis of 1902-03. Certain institutional properties were lost to the denomination; but, rather than retarding the work, the crisis marked the opening of great aggressive movements. The warnings of the section “Be On Guard” and the clear delineation of truth in the group of chapters on “The Essential Knowledge” will ever serve to keep the church from misleading teachings, and the other counsels of volume 8 will be of benefit to the end of time.

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