Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 9 [Nos. 664-770], Page 307

MR No. 752—Hattie Andre

This Australian work is to go forward and not retrograde. We want proper helpers. We need strength and individuality sanctified. I would desire the very best gifts. If Sister Andre is the person that can carry forward a good work in our school, will you withhold her from us?—Letter 217, 1899, p. 1. (To G. A. Irwin, November 21, 1899.)

We have a great work to do in Australia, and we need educated, experienced workers, workers who are sanctified by the Spirit of God.... I cannot write you a very long letter, but I will say that your convictions about working where you can help to teach others who may become workers in missionary lands, are correct. You can do valuable work by uniting with us to help to train and educate workers....

You can give a class of education which will be received and given out again. Thus the work of teacher and student is enlarged.... Students are to be trained who can in turn train other minds, through the Holy Spirit's influence....

Teachers are to train their students to stop at no halfway place, but to advance, going forward unto perfection. This work is not too highly represented. The voice of God is to carry every soul that will be saved

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