Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 9 [Nos. 664-770], Page 309

MR No. 753—Our Duty Toward the Jews

There is a mighty work to be done in our world. The Lord has declared that the Gentiles shall be gathered in, and not the Gentiles only, but the Jews. There are among the Jews many who will be converted, and we shall see the salvation of God going forth as a lamp that burneth. 9MR 309.1

There are Jews everywhere, and to them the light of present truth is to be brought, that they may have an opportunity to accept it. There are among the Jews many who will come to the light, and who will proclaim the immutability of the law of God with wonderful power. The Lord God will work. He will do wonderful things in righteousness. 9MR 309.2

[Romans 11:9-20, quoted.] 9MR 309.3

Do not despise the Jews, for among them the Lord has mighty men, who will proclaim the truth with power. 9MR 309.4

[Romans 11:21-29, quoted.] 9MR 309.5

What we need is the understanding of the Word of God. We need to keep the principles of this work in mind, that we may proclaim the truth in its purity and harmony, as it is given in the Scriptures. 9MR 309.6

Let not those who have not engaged in personal, evangelistic work feel that everyone should look at things as they do. Let God work in His own way, and keep your hands off those whom He is using in the cities. He has 9MR 309.7

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