Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 9 [Nos. 664-770], Page 310

men of special talents and gifts whom He will use to proclaim the truth in the cities.

There ought to be thousands at work in the cities, laboring intelligently. Not all these workers should look to the conference for support. They should seek to make their work self-supporting. A great many can do self-supporting work, but some cannot.

We must get away from our smallness, and make larger plans. There must be a wider reaching forth. We must work for those who are near, and those who are afar off.—Manuscript 74, 1905, pp. 1-3. (A portion of a talk given by Ellen White during the 1905 General Conference session, May 29, 1905.)

I am encouraged as I see by your letters that the Lord is giving you a precious experience. Many things have been opened to me regarding the sacred work resting upon the ministers of the gospel. Everyone who ministers in word and doctrine is to prepare for his sacred calling by diligently searching the Scriptures. The Word of God contains rules of life for men of all classes and all vocations. Examples are found in the Word of inspiration to meet the cases of all. By earnest prayer and diligent research, God's workers may become giants in an understanding of Bible doctrine, and [gain] an appreciation of the practical lessons of Christ. The hearts of all should hunger and thirst after righteousness. The minds of the servants of God are to be cleansed from all cheapness, that they may be prepared to understand the lessons of Christ, and bring from the storehouse of God's Word things new and old. The word of life is to come from human lips.

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