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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 9, Page 207

of the truth may be advanced. Let them understand that this plan is to be followed until the Lord shows us a better way.

The colored members of ability and experience should be encouraged to lead the services of their own people; and their voices are to be heard in the representative assemblies.

Among the colored believers there are many who can labor to advantage for their own people—workers to whom the Lord has given light and knowledge and who possess capabilities of no mean order. These are to labor perseveringly and in every effective way. They are to use our literature and hold tent meetings and meetings in halls. And sometimes (where it is permissible) white ministers should help them. Special efforts should be made to increase the force of colored workers. Colored men are to be thoroughly educated and trained to give Bible readings and hold tent meetings among their own people. There are many having capability, who should be prepared for this work.

We should be deeply interested in the establishment of schools for the colored people. And we must not overlook the importance of placing the present truth before the teachers and students in the large colleges for colored people that have been established by men of the world.

Schools and sanitariums for colored people should be established, and in these the colored youth should be taught and trained for service by the very best teachers that can be employed.

The colored ministers should make every effort possible to help their own people to understand the truth for this time. As time advances, and race prejudices increase, it will become almost impossible, in many places, for

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