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A Call to Stand Apart, Page 21

commented pointedly to Jesus, “They have no wine.” It was an undisguised suggestion for Him to do something dramatic.20Ibid., 145, 146.

Jesus’ answer, “My hour is not yet come,” indicated that no earthly ties would dictate His conduct. Though Mary did not fully understand her Son’s mission, she trusted Him implicitly. And Jesus responded to that faith. He also acted to strengthen the faith of His disciples by performing His first miracle.21Ibid., 147.

Beside the doorway stood six large stone water jars. Jesus directed the servants to fill them with water. And because the guests needed to be served immediately, He told them to take some of the contents to the person in charge of the gathering. When they did, instead of the water with which they had filled the jars, they poured wine! Hardly anyone knew the original wine supply had run out, but when the wedding coordinator tasted what his servants brought, he knew it to be far superior to any he had drunk thus far at the wedding. Turning to the bridegroom, he said, “Everyone man serves the good wine first; and when men have drunk freely, then the poor wine; but you have kept the good wine until now.” John 2:10.22Ibid., 148.

The “wine” of the partying that you and I do ultimately turns sour. But the gifts of Jesus are always fresh. What He provides for us always satisfies and brings us happiness. Each new gift we receive increases our capacity to receive more and enjoy more from Him. He gives grace and still more grace and, unlike the wine at Cana, His supply of blessings never runs short and is never exhausted. Actually, the gift of Jesus to the marriage party is a wonderful symbol. The water in the jars represents His “baptism into death,” and the wine represents His blood spilled for us to cleanse us from sin. At this first feast with His disciples, Jesus gave them a cup of wine to symbolize His work for their salvation. And at the Last Supper He gave it to them again and invited them to drink it in this symbolic way until He returns.23Ibid., 148, 149.

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