Ellen G. White Writings

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A Call to Stand Apart, Page 69

Chapter 13—Relationships

A Young Adult’s Encounter with Ellen White ... on Relationships

I was involved in a relationship that was not right. Some things are “gray issues,” but there are times we really do know that something is wrong. I had the “definitely wrong” conviction about my recent relationship with my boyfriend. Yes, he was a Christian, and I even had some friends who told me we were good for each other. But deep down I knew that this was not where God was leading me. AC 69.1

There were other clues, too, such as the fact that the people closest to me—my family and longtime friends—didn’t approve. They were impressed (as I was but didn’t admit to them) that it was not God’s plan for me to be in this relationship. Foolishly, I listened to those who told me what I wanted to hear because this was what I wanted. I didn’t leave God. I kept praying and tricking myself into thinking this was His will, even though I knew it wasn’t, because I thought this was “true love.” AC 69.2

During this same time I was taking a marriage and family psychology class at one of our Seventh-day Adventist universities. Two of the books the professor used were The Adventist Home and Messages to Young People. This was my first time reading these books all the way through. With each page I turned, I was convicted of the truth that I already knew. I was forced to look beyond our dating relationship and all the mushy romantic stuff that I loved to AC 69.3

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