Ellen G. White Writings

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A Gift of Light, Page 22

Chapter 2—“The Weakest of the Weak“: God’s Third Choice

Prior to her marriage to James White, Ellen Gould Harmon lived for some eight months in the home of Otis Nichols, an Adventist lithographer, in Dorchester (now part of Boston), Massachusetts. Nichols’ home served as her home away from home while she bore her testimony in the area. Three men (Sargent, Robbins, and French) dismissed her trancelike vision state as merely the product of hypnosis induced by her fiancé, James White. They said she could have no visions unless James was present. In 1845, in company with her sister Sarah (and during the absence of James White), Ellen was in the Nichols home when Sargent and Robbins dropped by. Mr. Nichols invited them in so that they could meet Ellen Harmon. Since they had not previously met her, they would now be able to judge for themselves the nature and source of her experience. They suddenly remembered a pressing appointment in Boston, but suggested that a confrontation take place the following Sunday in Boston at the home of a certain believer where Millerites customarily worshiped week by week. Nichols promised to bring Miss Harmon for the showdown.

Saturday night Ellen had a vision, and she told Nichols that instead of going six miles north to Boston, they must go seven miles south to Randolph. Nichols protested. Ellen’s credibility and his own were on the line. She remained firm, and said the angel had told her that they would understand the reason for the

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